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About Partners for Palestine

We are Florida residents who believe in equality of rights for all people, including civil, political, and religious rights. We are opposed to discrimination based on religion, race, ethnicity, ancestry or national origin. We support full national rights, self-determination and security for Palestinians equal to those enjoyed by Israelis, based on international law and UN resolutions. For more, see our Mission and Guiding Principles.

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Bethlehem Gate by Gary Fields

Why Focus on Palestine?

There are many situations of injustice in the world, but this is the one we as Americans are paying for and directly supporting. Israel is the largest recipient of US financial and military aid, and we prevent it from being held to international standards of conduct with our veto power at the United Nations. Our country's global reputation has suffered from association with Israel's oppression of Palestinians. This endangers our citizens at home and abroad.

Some of our members have travelled to the region and have witnessed this oppression first hand. We have discovered a reality long hidden from most Americans by the failure of our media to cover Israel's actions as it would those of another country.


Media coverage of Russia's 2022 assault on Ukraine has engendered sympathy around the world. Yet we know that similar atrocities have been carried out by the Israeli military in Gaza against an imprisoned population with nowhere to escape. As we watch Ukrainians flee, we know that many people in the West Bank and Israel are also being forced to leave their homes. There are already 7 million Palestinian refugees who have fled in the face of what an Israeli historian, Ilan Pappe, has called ethnic cleansing. More than 5 million remain, and live under a brutal system of apartheid that major human rights organizations have documented

It is long past time for the world to acknowledge the humanity and human rights of the Palestinian people. As Americans who have been funding oppression with our tax dollars, we cannot be silent. 

Ancient olive trees.jpg

Our Vision

We envision a nonviolent, just resolution in Palestine that guarantees full equality of rights for all people. 

Partners For Palestine Inc. | Civil, Political, Religious and Human Rights

Palestine's ancient terraced olive groves are being destroyed for illegal settlements.

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