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Witnesses to the Execution

Most of us would shudder at the thought of witnessing an execution, even that of a criminal convicted in court of a vicious crime. Yet we are witnessing the execution of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza without charge, without trial, and without distinction between terrorists and civilians. Children, doctors, nurses and whole families, are included. Israel has cut power to the entire Gaza Strip, in part to prevent the recording of events as they happen, but we will inevitably see the carnage and know that our government endorsed it.

No power means that no water can be pumped, and Israel has placed a ban on water and food entering the area. It has been two days since Israel began denying all of Gaza’s residents the food and water humans need to survive. October temperatures are in the 80s, and without shelter it is doubtful many people, especially the elderly, can survive without these. Running in panic from bombs, deprived of sleep all night, breathing the dust from collapsing buildings, and digging in the rubble with bare hands to find loved ones will make it even harder.

The starvation and bombing of 2.2 million people trapped in a closed enclave will not bring Israel security or peace. If the United States really cares about Israel, it will halt this massive war crime before more people are killed and Israel loses any good will it had in the world forever.

~Susanne Hoder

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