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More churches label Israel "apartheid state"

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

The Presbyterian Church USA, one of the largest mainline Christian denominations, has passed a resolution labeling Israel an apartheid state. The denomination's governing body voted July 8 to approve a resolution stating that the laws, policies, and practices of the government of Israel concerning the Palestinian people, "fulfill the international legal definition of apartheid." The resolution passed by a vote of 266-116.

The Presbyterian Church has long been active in the movement for justice and equality for Palestinians and Israelis. It has many members who have spent time in the occupied Palestinian territories and can attest to the brutal treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli state. But it is not alone. Friday's action follows approval of similar measures by the United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, and two conferences of the United Methodist Church (New England and Oregon/Idaho). Episcopalians will consider similar statements this month in their General Conference, following approval by at least five regional conferences.

Condemnation of Israel's racist policies toward Palestinians has also come from Jewish groups. Jewish Voice for Peace and a quarter of American Jews surveyed by the Times of Israel also view Israel as an apartheid state. A guide to detailed reports on Israeli apartheid from major human rights groups is available on our website under Resources.

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