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Israel Attacks Jenin Refugee Camp....Again

As Americans were celebrating their freedom on the Fourth of July, Israeli troops were using American-made weapons to deny any hope of freedom to Palestinians in the Jenin Refugee Camp. Indeed, the unspoken message of the drone and missile attacks, killings and destruction was meant for all Palestinians..."You can never hope to be free, to enjoy human dignity and basic rights like equal access to water, the ability to build homes for your families, the right to protect your children. If you dare to resist our supremacy, our iron-fisted rule, we will hunt you down and destroy you and those you love."

This attack, like the one on the same area just weeks earlier, served only to strengthen the resolve of young Palestinians. One survivor put it clearly when he said "Buildings may crumble, cars may be reduced to wreckage, and countless individuals may be detained, wounded and even martyred. However, these actions will only serve to breed a new generation that will carry the torch of resistance passed down by those who came before them, as we do today, and as our chiildren will do in the future. It is a relentless pursuit, driven by the aspiration to reclaim our land and restore the dignity of every human being." This young man is a friend of many respected activists here in the US. We are withholding his name to protect him.

Americans cannot let this aggression pass without demanding that our funding for Israel's military come to an end. We are giving more than $10 million a day, in addition to sophisticated weapons of war to this rogue nation, where apartheid is entrenched and impunity for war crimes is taken for granted. The most patriotic thing Americans can do this July is to call their representatives in Congress and protest our country's support for Israel's crimes.

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