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Indelible memories (continued)

“Jewish terrorist gangs committed an act [of] mass murder in Jaffa, in the morning of January 4, 1948, seventy-one years ago. See two photos on the previous page, then and now. In the right, the destroyed Serai, the Old City Hall of Jaffa and, on the left, what’s left now and stolen as Israeli property with a few columns, to invent a historic scene in its place, erasing the historic City Hall, the Serai.

Three Jewish terrorist gangs made up exclusively from recently arrived Illegal European Jewish immigrants introduced Terrorism into Palestine. This was the Zionist strategy, developed and implemented to drive the Palestinian non-Jewish population out of Palestine, ethnically cleansing Palestine out of Palestinians, its historic inhabitants for millennia, in order to establish the Zionist exclusively Jewish State, Israel. The strategy was brutal and effective beyond expectations.


The Haganah, the major Jewish terrorist gang, committed this mass murder in Jaffa. The other two Jewish terrorist gangs, the Irgun Tzvai Leumi and the Stern, assisted. The Haganah, [which] later morphed into the hypocritically named Israeli “Defense Force”, set a car loaded with heavy explosives (car bombs) next to the Serai building, in the Center of Jaffa, my original hometown and the roots of my family and its 100,000 people in the city plus 20,000 in neighboring villages. The Serai, the historic City Hall building used to house the District Governor for over a century.

The choice location and timing of this mass murder were critical for the Zionist terrorist gangs and the Jewish leadership:

- Why Jaffa and its City Center? Jaffa was Palestine’s pre-biblical city, a beautiful Port City with a highly developed Palestinian society, institutions, schools, economy, culture, hospitals, cinemas, sport clubs, theaters, newspapers, regional radio station and economy built on the famous Jaffa Orange citrus business, with a richly integrated society of Arab Christian, Jewish, Muslim and minorities from many Mediterranean countries.

- Why that timing? TWO MONTHS after the UN Security Council decision to Partition Palestine into two States, Palestine and Israel, one Arab Palestine and the second Jewish Israel for the Displaced Jews of Europe whom the Western Democracies did not want to keep; AND LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS before the British were set to leave Palestine.

The massive car bomb explosion destroyed the old Serai building which housed an unknown number of Palestinians nearby. It also destroyed the building on the other side of the narrow road where the car bomb was set, leveling Barclays Bank Building, a large pharmacy and other businesses located in it. That mass murder in Jaffa was the largest mass murder committed by the Jewish terrorist gangs ‘til then. It had been preceded and followed by scores of Jewish terrorist gang attacks on Palestinian villages, towns, farms, businesses, some of which have become cause célèbre, including mass murders and massacres in Deir Yassin, Beisan, Yazur, Tiberias, Haifa, Tantura, East Jerusalem, Lydda, Ramleh, Majdal Askalan and others.

In defenseless Jaffa, following a barrage of bombing during late March and April 1948, about 98% of the population of Jaffa, Haifa and others were evicted or fled for their lives. And by May 15, 1948 when British troops left Palestine on fire and Israel declared its foundation, nearly 70% of the total Palestinian population had been evicted and turned into stateless refugees, while their homes, businesses and properties, lands, farms, public buildings banks, post offices, railroads etc. [had been] turned over, fully furnished, to newly arrived illegal Jewish Immigrants and placed in the hands of an invented Israeli Government department under the name of “Guardian of Absentee Properties.” Less than seven years later, [these were] completely appropriated by a newly concocted “Jewish National Fund” as the “Eternal Property of the Jewish People.”

Israel and her friends have been rewriting modern history, hero worshipping Israel and laying “God-given” claims to all of Palestine, and denigrating and erasing the history of Palestine and denying the existence of Palestinians as a People.

You can’t make this stuff up nor hide it forever.

Justice will prevail one day.

Partners For Palestine Inc. | Civil, Political, Religious and Human Rights

The author with two of his siblings in Jaffa, 1945.


“Little did we know then, that three years later, we would be forced out of our homes, country, and turned into stateless refugees. The childhood innocence is gone but the thirst for Justice and Peace is alive.”

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