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Statement on Israel's June 8 massacre

Statement on Israel's latest Massacre in Refugee Camp

Partners for Palestine strongly condemns the twisted calculus that led Israel, with help from the US military, to kill 270 Palestinian children, women and men and wound 700 more in order to rescue four Israeli hostages. One Israeli soldier and three Israeli hostages were also killed in the process, making the net gain for Israel zero!  By no measure can this be considered a success. The harm to Palestinian families and to US interests is incalculable. Israel’s devaluation of Palestinian lives is appalling and complete.


This slaughter could have been avoided altogether, and all the remaining hostages returned alive, if Israel had accepted any of the ceasefire proposals carefully negotiated since early May. Hamas accepted a US-backed ceasefire proposal on May 8, but instead of ceasing hostilities, Israel began a full-scale ground assault and invasion of Rafah. 


Israel's Rafah invasion violated clear red lines articulated by the US President and should have resulted in a complete cutoff of all arms to Israel. Instead, President Biden announced a new shipment of weapons valued at $1 billion on May 15th. This was after the International Court of Justice ruled it was “plausible” that Israel was committing genocide. President Biden must be held accountable.


The US has invested enormous sums of money and diplomatic energy to encourage a ceasefire. Yet, just as one was reported near, the US military apparently provided guidance and intelligence to conduct the foolhardy rescue attempt which turned into the biggest single-day massacre of Palestinians in months. If this debacle is what US military “guidance” produces, we are all endangered. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and all those involved in the operation should be fired.


WE  DEMAND an immediate halt to US military support and weapons to Israel, a withdrawal of all US military personnel from Israel and Gaza, and an immediate ceasefire with unlimited aid flow from every land crossing available. Reparations for the utter destruction of Gaza must be provided by Israel, not by US taxpayers, and rebuilding must begin at once. American citizens must not sustain Netanyahu’s “forever war” for one more day, and we must do everything humanly possible to end it.

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