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Sign the Patriot's Pledge

This July, please join us in pledging to guard America's freedom from foreign influence. Read the pledge and sign the form below it. For a version you can print and share with friends, download the pdf.


  • I honor the sacrifice of countless Americans who have given their lives and labors to preserve our country.


  • I will work to keep the United States a free and sovreign nation. This includes protection from foreign influence and infiltration of its highest offices.


  • I will not support candidates for public office whose independence is compromised by AIPAC or other groups representing foreign governments.


  • I call on all elected officials to disclose their dual citizenship and other conflicts of interest with foreign countries that could compromise their loyalty to the United States.


  • I assert that no elected official should actively serve in the armed forces of any foreign government nor be extended the privileges of our veterans for serving a foreign country.



Sign the pledge

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